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Making, using, sharing -
from the workshop floor to daily life.


いつもHyogo Craftをご利用いただきましてありがとうございます。誠に勝手ながら、8/13(日)〜17(木)はお休みとさせていただきます。 商品の発送については、8/11(金)までにご注文いただいたものは8/13(日)中に発送いたします。8/12(土)〜17(木)のご注文は、8/18(金)以降より順次発送とさせていただきます。


The Craftsmanship of Hyogo; a living story.

Hyogo Prefecture is surrounded by lush nature, and connects the Sea of Japan and the Seto Inland Sea. It is a region rooted in manufacturing, where over forty different local industries are gathered with their inherited history and culture.

HYOGO CRAFT is a “ local craft projectcreating new lifestyles from Hyogo's local and traditional industries. Our work ranges from product development with craftsmen, content creation introducing the production area and artisans, to managing an online store featuring the products and ways to use them. 

We introduce products that can be loved for a long time, forged from the heart and hands of people.
From the people who make things, to people who use them.
From tradition to everyday life.
From objects to stories.

At the intersection where all these things converge, you are sure to find a rich life surpassing convenience.




Stories about craftsmen and where things are made.